100 Songs Later

Once a week for 100 weeks (2014-2016) I made a home recording of a song I had written. Having about 70 songs written when I started, my goal was to have written 100 songs so as to have 100 songs recorded by the end, and thankfully I succeeded! The links below will lead you to any of the songs, complete with a little background of where the song came from.

All Together Now

Along for the Ride

And She’s Gone

Bad Luck

The Best of You

The Book Was Closed

Bright Lights Baby

Broken Hearts

Broken Lights

Cold Like Money

Dark and Early in the Morning

The Day I Lost it All

Don’t Look Away

Don’t Play With Me

Dull Razors

Fear No End

Funny Business

The Gambit

The Greatest Foe

Guess I’ll See You Around

Hanging On

The Hard Way



Heading Home

A Helping Hand

Here’s to Next Time

Hey Maggie

Hey Mr. Hateful

Hey Rain Keep Falling

Hope Gets By (The Fall of Francis Louis)

I Ain’t Going Down Tonight

I Don’t Care What You Think Anymore

I Never Asked the World to Wait

In Need

Last I Ever Heard

Let Me In


Life’s too Short to Worry

Live On

Live That Way

Looks Like This One’s Gonna Hurt

Long Days


Love is Absurd

Love Sick

A Man I Never Knew

Men of Words

Message from the Top of the World

A Misunderstanding

Morning on the Water

Music in Your Soul

My Wandering Mind

Mystery Mind

Natural Appearances

The Night is Yours

No More Goodbyes

Not a Good Man

Oh Hallowed Ground

The Old Beach Road

Old Soul

One in a Million

Only Made a Bad Thing Worse

Our Hands

Own Little World

Part of the Show

Patchwork Doll

Peace of Heart

The Price You Pay

Quiet on the Shoreline

Siren of the Stage

Small Talk Blues

So in Love With You

Somewhere in Between

Something In Her Eyes


State of Mind

Stories and Tales 

The Storm is Blowing Over

Surprise Surprise

Take a Little Time

There Goes Something

To Be


Turntable Turn

Unimaginary Friend

Waking Man Blues

Warm Lights for the Cold Places

Waste My Time

Waves on the Shore

What it Means to Me

What’s in a Name

When the Cover’s Blown

Where You Been

Wherever My Head Lies

The World Ahead 

The World That Fell to Pieces

The World Weeps for You

Worse Times Than These

You Never Know


One response to “100 Songs Later”

  1. Amazing accomplishment! Love the songs!

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