A bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Erie, PA in the year of 1988. My first experience of music education involved my mother forcing me and my siblings to take piano lessons around the age of 8.  Despite my lack of enthusiasm and willingness towards the lessons, I learned the basics of piano over a few years, along with how to read music from Sharon Stancliff.  I began playing guitar at the age of 16, being taught by Claude Braudis at a local music store  ‘World of Music’. From there, I went on to study music at Edinboro University of Pennsylvaina, and while knowledge was gained, I realized my direction and theirs were quite different after a year or two, and exited the program. Such is the extent of musical training.

Being inspired by song writers such as Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Paul Simon to name a few, I took to song writing myself around the age of 19, and never looked bac.

I’ve also been operating as the front man of a band called “Strangers and Liars” since early 2012.


We’re a 4 piece rock band. Original Electrified Music in the American Tradition, featuring myself (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Justin Anderson (lead guitar), Russ Straub (bass guitar) and Tom Hitt (drums).


ta da

Pleased to meet you!

This is Tommy In-Toon. I’ve always been a doodler, and T.I.T. became a regular part of my life in 2016. He now serves as an emotional outlet, ambassador for my online presence and personal mascot/cheerleader.


With Tommy In-Toon!


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