Frustrating circumstances in attempting to get this new  demo up and running. I have the recordings, I have the album covers printed and ready, the only thing that remains is the actual CDs.

To be fair, this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to order custom CDs to sell, and I really had no idea what to look for. All these websites I’m finding seem overly complicated though. They give lists of options and specifications that I may or may not be able to fill out correctly to describe what I need, then ask for a separate brief description of what I need anyway. Then they’re supposed to contact me by means of the information I leave.

And then they don’t. Or, they do, and tell me in an email what they have to offer, and I ask a follow-up question, and THEN they don’t respond after that.  Frustrating.

I’d appreciate any reasonable direction anyone can give on this predicament. That being said, this site is still new, and I’m not so sure I have many followers at the time being.

I will struggle on, regardless. Hopefully, I will at least get the CDs ordered in the next week.  Here’s hoping.


One response to “Delays”

  1. Hi Tommy, I just found your blog via clicking on the link you posted on your facebook page. I would love to buy one of your new CDs. I wish you great success in finding all the right people to get your name out there even more. It sounds like a frustrating endeavor. Hang in there, though! I really enjoy your music a lot!

    Patti Fowler

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