Tip of the Hat: Flavor of the Week, with Lindsey and Lauren

First edition of my planned to be monthly acknowledge to other musicians/artist who have done me well or earned my respect. The honor goes to “Flavor of the Week”, the bi-weekly radio show hosted by Lindsey and Lauren.

Flavor of the Week is one of the shows broadcasted by the Edinboro University college radio. I was introduced to Flavor of the Week upon being offered a seat as a guest on the show a few months back, and have been an avid listener ever since.

In short, the girls are interesting, fearless and hysterical. Their music choices readily capture the diverse core of what college music is today, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The show has had numerous guests in order to promote local artists, along with bringing notice to events of interest going on in the area. When they are on their own, their topics range from reflections on the stirring and strange stories they find in the world-wide news, to complaints and challenges to the need-be addressed injustices on campus (and really, right there is your fearlessness. Bike theft is an issue in Edinboro, and you should have heard these two calling out on air against the bike thieves. Epic.)

While the show will be unaired between semesters, Lindsey and Lauren will be joining forces with two other Edinboro radio DJs in the upcoming spring semester for a new show, which will air sometime in the mornings (I’m not sure all the details are worked out for it yet). Something to definitely look forward to.

Keep an eye out to see when exactly Lindsey and Lauren end up on the Edinboro Radio this spring at http://wfseradio.com/index.php?id=schedule . Online streaming is the coolest.

So as a two-time guest and continual listener, I would thank Lindsey and Lauren for their on air hospitality, their contribution to the local art and music scene and their endless amount of radio showmanship, wit and humor. True excellence.


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