Inspiration Doesn’t Knock

It’s rare thing (for me, anyway) for life to throw such a bizarre twist seemingly out of no where. It’s like being struck by circumstantial lightning. My life tends to be quite tame, especially if you’re considering the stereo-typed musician life style involving rampant adventures and wild after parties. An exciting show for me usually means the audience clapped regularly or I got a surprising amount of tips.

That being said, there have been such rare occasions in which emotion has been summoned so profoundly or thought has been provoked so thoroughly that as a musician of any kind, conveying the story is not optional. It is required. While these situations may not always (if ever) be ideal in their effects on day-to-day life, their worth must be acknowledged as a worthwhile story.

This will be the third time I have come across a situation that demanded higher recognition from my mind. It’s always a worthwhile challenge. The events that catch you this way seem so unreal when they occur, until time passes and you have time to analyze it.  To create a story out of it, I have the chance to make it unreal again. The rest of the world gets to see it as I present it, and they interpret it as they will, while I hold on to the truth. I only hope I do it justice.


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