The Gears Start Turning Again

Upon certain amounts of deliberation, I’ve decided to attempt a reasonable expectation for the sake of progress and productivity.  I’m setting a tentative deadline for the complete and finished “Ready to Fall”.  I have more than enough songs in mind to put on the end cut, and now it’s all a matter of getting things in place.  So here’s the plan:

I am currently working on a date in March in which I can finish my recording with the studio I did the demo with.  In the time I have before that, I intend on consulting some well-acquainted professional music listeners I know to help me devise a final playlist and order for the album.  Over the years, I’ve become very interested in listening to full albums, and I feel like the line up of songs can hold some pretty significant sway if you do it right.

So that’s the plan. Not very intricate or in depth, I realize, but as long as I stick to it, there should really be something good coming together when Spring rolls around. Here’s hoping.


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