A Special Thanks to Accidental Genius

In working on something new, I received something unintentional assistance from a friend.  That is, I think it was unintentional. Either that or my friend’s use of foresight is far better than could imagine.

A friend of mine had an art showing recently, for which he had printed out sort advertisement invitations.  I was sitting around my apartment in the attempts of writing something, but found myself struggling to find words. While sitting and straining thoughts, I picked up the art show invitation and read the show’s title at the top of the card: Natural Appearances.  Sounds like a good name for a song.

A few days later, the song had in fact been completed.  It’s got an upbeat feel to it, and attempts to be catchy in its rhythm.  I’ve been frequenting several open mics in the area, which have involved viewing and playing with some spectacular musicians.  I had those in mind in writing this, trying to give the feel of the lively scene and the good times.

So on this one, a special thanks to Mr. Matt Gray (remember him? See two posts down) for having an excellent name for his art showing. Natural Appearances says it all.


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