Tip of the Hat: Singer/Songwriter Tom Hitt

It’s time for this month’s tip of the hat, which is fortunate considering February has been a slow month for things to post about. Regardless of that, the musician I’d like to commend today is certainly something to post about, along with something to hear, see and meet should the opportunity arise. This month goes to my friend and fellow songwriter, Tom Hitt.

Both gracing the seasonal sorcery of Northwest PA with our presence at local venues, I happened upon Mr. Hitt roughly a year ago at an open mic. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of better knowing the man and the music that comes with it.

To describe Tom Hitt music, I have to make a careful comparison:  it’s like Jimmy Buffet music. Now, that’s not to say he sounds like Jimmy Buffet, or that 90% of his songs are beach songs, but it has to do with the independence in style that puts someone beyond standard categorizing.  In my personal opinion, Jimmy Buffet isn’t quite rock, isn’t quite folk, pop, country or any of that. It’s really just well done, easy listening music that can go so many different ways.  And that’s what Tom Hitt music is.  He can make you laugh, make you smile and make you think with a variety of songs, any of which you’re bound to be tapping your foot with.

Tom can be found a variety of places.  Your best bet in the physical world is to keep an eye and an ear out at some of the local Northwest PA singer/songwriter venues, but if you’re not a fan of guess work, you could always check his existence in the internet world at his website, and THEN find out where to specifically find him in the physical world!


He is also Facebook find-able.  Hooray for social networking.


All in all, Tom Hitt is a tremendous troubadour. The man knows how to write a great song, put on a great show, and be a stand-up kinda of guy on and off the stage.  After having the honor of witnessing, playing for and alongside Tom Hitt, I rightfully tip my hat to he.


One response to “Tip of the Hat: Singer/Songwriter Tom Hitt”

  1. Tommy – Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m really enjoying the process of writing, recording and performing. My cap tips right back atcha… ~TH~

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