More Than a Color with an ‘S’

With a line in mind, I’ve come to complete a new song attempting a style that I rarely work in: Blues (hence the bad joke in the title).  Even in playing covers, I hardly ever land on that genre. It’s not that I have a particular problem with it, but rather the intimidation factor that comes with it. From what I’ve experienced, Blues deals with a certain mastery of whatever is you’re doing in that particular song. This is why when someone referred to as a blues guitarist, blues singer, or blues <insert instrument>, you know exactly what they do, as opposed to, say, a rock musician, which could be a lot of things (hard rock, soft rock, pop rock, folk rock, fraggle rock, etc).

My usual style involves doing several things at once moderately well (singing, guitar, harmonica), and in producing this song, I realize I must put one of these musical attributes to the test. I’ve bet on my voice.  Lack of guitar expertise set aside, blues singing has been the most appealing aspect of the genre to me. The chance to really let loose and get loud with an original song is what tempted me to try it.

The song is meant to be a response to the hypothetical image of a female blues singer.  You see those woman singers who can capture a room simply by walking around the stage with a microphone, leaving your eyes and ears incredulous to what they just experienced. A bit like “Black Magic Woman”, though hopefully not to the point where it sounds like a cheap knock-off.


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