Things That Never Seem to Change, Changing All the Time

As you may or may not have noticed (“may” if you’ve been to this site before, “may not” if you have not visited it prior to this entry), the site has undergone some changes. I’ve caught myself slacking on its upkeep, and thusly am I trying to rejuvenate it to a certain extent, including making it more aesthetically dynamic, and hopefully pleasing.

Appearance aside, changes both current and upcoming are as follows: “Works in Progress” has been added a post category. Sort of a branch off of the “What’s Going On” category, W.I.P.  is meant to deal particularly with writings that are on their way to being completed and being finished songs, while the latter category will deal more with notable happenings such as recording work, performances of extra-ordinary significance, or attempted improvement in media display (like right now).

With any luck, continuing additions will appear. I intend to add more things to see (posts, video links, pictures, etc.) and am devising an idea for a new page. I would like to feature places/venues that have (and continue) regularly hosted me as a musical guest. I feel this is a good chance for me to advertise some worthwhile establishments as some form of thanks for their hospitality to me, as well as give people an idea of where I can be found for any interested in finding me.

Whatever other goodies I may find as additions to this, I can’t be sure. I only hope to bring more accessibility and interest to you, kind readers and listeners. I continue to appreciate your support, and hope you continue to spread to the word to as many music lovers as you are willing to. Enjoy!


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