Tip of the Hat: Dominick, Matty B., and the Crooked i Open Mic

Jeez, March really seemed to slip by in a hurry, though maybe its just me. Still, better late than never, this month’s honors will be given. This time around I’d like to call out to some spectacular musicians and the contribution they’ve made to the Erie music scene on whole. This month’s tip of the hat goes Dominick DeCecco and Matty “B.” Boland.

Dom on the left, Matty on the right.

Both members of their own prominent bands (Dom being in “Shotgun Jubilee”, Matty B. being the front man of “Matty B. and the Dirty Pickles”), Dom and Matty are renown musicians, performers and songwriters of the Erie music scene. As if the contribution of their music wasn’t enough, they’ve gone a step further in supporting the local music scene.

Near the end of 2010, I started attending the Sunday night open mic held weekly at the Crooked i, a local music bar in downtown Erie. At the time, Dom hosted it on his own, though Matty was a common participant, as well as substitute for the times Dom couldn’t be there, until eventually it became a group effort between the two. After making a few appearances there, I was compelled to attend this event religiously. For any musician who wants a chance to be heard and any person who wants to see a night of incredible musical talent: this is the place to be. Dom and Matty have yet to fail in putting on a great night where every performer gets their fair share on stage. Whether its the regulars that make it out every week they can, or a traveling troubadour stopping by for the night,  these guys make sure you get your time.

And of course, it goes with out saying that the establishment that hosts this event is held in high esteem as well. If you’re looking for the music scene in Erie, the best place to start looking is the Crooked i.  A true haven for the singer/songwriters and great place to just hang out with good people. http://www.thecrookedi.com/

I’ve been tipping my hat to this scene since the first day I got to be a part of it. I’ve made my way to many different open mics over the years, for better and worse, and THIS is the best I’ve found, hands down and without question. Good people, good music, and most importantly, great hosts.


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