The Next Leap Forward

After a long, cold season of inactivity, the next step towards the completion of the “Ready to Fall” album has been taken.  I recently managed to get to the studio of dear friend/musical colleague/producer Tom Hitt.  Under his supervision, the album is that much closer to existence.

Four more songs have been recorded, bringing the total thus far to eight. The newly recorded tracks came out better than I could have asked for, thanks to the mastery of Mr. Hitt. Top notch production.

This leaves little more to do for the final product of the album. I plan on having between ten and twelve songs on the CD in the end, so first off will be deciding and recording the final few. Also, in consulting with photographer Matt Gray, I’m considering a different album cover than the demo for the finished product. After that’s said and done, all that remains is mastery and distribution.

Needless to say, I’m excited to finally be back to working on “Ready to Fall”.  I have no intention of putting off the next step for as long as I did the last. As for a release date, I’m not making any guarantees yet. We’ll say July, at the very latest.  And for any who might be anxious about it (if you’re out there), believe me, no one’s more excited about it than I am.

Till its here though, I’ll at least leave you with one of the newly recorded tracks. Enjoy!


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