Tip of the Hat: WXCS 92.9 Radio, Cambridge Springs PA

The honors of the month are being sent out to more supporters of the original music in the area.  In a small little town called Cambridge Springs, you can tune your radio to 92.9FM and hear a great deal of folk, blues, and other roots type of music from musicians you’ve never heard of and may never hear again (myself included). We’ve been granted the opportunity of air time by WXCS.

Frank Bercik (left) and Sam Reese (right): The head honchos of WXCS radio.

Sam Reese and Frank Bercik are the two musicians behind the wheel of the radio team and also work together as the front men of their group “Salmon Frank” (like a fish hotdog!). Through various connections they have in the NW Pennsylvania music scene, these two have gathered endless amounts of original music from many deserving artists. They have also found many from first hand experience, hosting the weekly WXCS Radio Orchestra open mic and jam session down in Cambridge Springs, where many songwriters have had their music taken from the stage to the station by the grace of Sam and Frank

The sad part is the station is rather low power. One must be within a rather close radius to pick up on this singer-songwriter signal, at least until the day they start their online streaming, which is hopefully not too far off. Until then, should you be in the area, turn the dial to 92.9FM.  You’re bound to hear something new, exciting and original thanks to the efforts of the station. Many of us now can look back and say the first (and possibly only) time we had a song on the radio was WXCS 92.9FM., something certainly worth being a part of.


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