Sandy Beaches and Musical Preaches

Managed to find some wide open seclusion on the Lake Erie beaches today, in hopes of completing something new.  Several hours in the sun led to a one sided sun burn and a completed song, one of which I’m happier with than the other.

Completed what I’m calling “A Misunderstanding”, a little folk-ish piece of self reflection.  Dealing with thoughts regarding appreciation of those who have supported me and put faith in me over the years while fighting guilt in falling short of my own expectations and feeling that I’m letting people down in turn. Deep, right? I feel like its a worthwhile analysis of the road thus far, for better or worse. Triumphs, failures and caught off guard by everything in between.

Out door seclusion is always so helpful with things like this. Away from personal distractions at home and the rest of the world’s two cents. Excellent way to hear yourself think, or if need be, shut yourself up.


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