Wasting Youth, for I am Young

A quick reflection on my 23 years of existence as of the 29th of the month:

-I’m more insulted by a food/music venue that offers me money over something to eat than those that work the other way around. I’ve been playing for hours watching people eat. What am I supposed to do with money?

-Walking is most therapeutic process I have ever known. Side effects may include getting tired, getting lost, getting hit by vehicles, and tripping.

-If there is any creature in this world that has things figured out, it’s turtles.

-Reliability in people is hard to find, but then, so are shoes that fit, and I haven’t stopped looking for those.

-Being conversationally clever is called witty. Being socially clever is called opportunistic. Being intellectually clever is called intuitive. Being artistically clever is called creative.  If cleverness was tangible, I’d put it in my food.

-I try to be clever.

-Destiny isn’t something that you know you WILL do in life regardless of choice, it’s something you know you SHOULD do in life in order to improve it. Like being a musician, or getting that growth checked, I don’t know.

-Metaphors are like pancakes in that I enjoy them and make them regularly.

-Naivety, age and spiders are correlated in the sense that I have no idea how any of them keep creeping up on me when I’m not looking.



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