Good Bands Last for Years, Great Bands Last for Hours

Over the past months, local musician camaraderie has made an impact on my outlook on the music scene in general. Finding the people who are truly interested in seeing what someone else can bring to the table and in turn, are worth going to see and hear, has created an optimistic feeling of community.

The phrase “all together now” came into mind awhile ago, mainly inspired by impromptu jam sessions and open mics. I’ve stored it away until I could figure out what I wanted to do with it, and came up with an upbeat, bluesy (soul-sy?), sort of song, promoting the musical brotherhood mentality. Put aside the competitive edge. Forget the jealously brought on from watching someone excel where you think you fall short. We all have our moments, and if we occasionally share a few, it means more all around, right? We’re all together now.


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