Tip of the Hat SPECIAL ALBUM RELEASE EDITION (part 2 of 3): Well All B – Matty “B” Boland

Another new edition to my CD line up shall be doted upon. Back in June, Matty B of Matty B and the Dirty Pickles released a solo acoustic (or ‘un-pickled’, as it has been so affectionately called) album, bring a variety of his compositions down to their roots. The product: Well All B.

The "B" stands for "B", as in "Matty B"…. I think…










The album is a 12 track composition along with two bonus tracks, alternate recordings of songs. For veteran fans of MB and DPs, you make recognize some of the songs from the band’s past albums. The irony is that this recent album is the true blast from the past. It’s like finding the basement tapes. The recordings are raw and wild as being in the room with the man himself, watching him pound away at his guitar. All the personal touches are there, from little laughs, to quick remarks and more in between (there may be a rubber chicken in there somewhere. Not even joking). What’s new and exciting for me is getting a chance to sit and listen to figure out what Matty is really all about with this disc. And I’ll tell you exactly what that is.

Matty’s persona has always been an amazing crossover, the punk rockabilly rocker with a heart of gold. But his writing reveals something different. Matt Boland is a warrior poet. If there were people in the world marching to wars like the olden days, Matt Boland would be their greatest asset. They would sing “Night to end all Nights” as they prepared to make battle. They would sing “To Grow Old” to celebrate their victories, “Three Word Phrase” as they left their families to fulfill their duties and destinies, and “What a Day” when things seemed their darkest. It may sound ridiculous, but as a writer, Matt Boland is centuries beyond his time, writing in a way that I would have thought died out long long ago.  Truly a master of the craft.

2 down, 1 to go. I’ll get back to you soon about something else new and exciting, so keep an eye out!


2 responses to “Tip of the Hat SPECIAL ALBUM RELEASE EDITION (part 2 of 3): Well All B – Matty “B” Boland”

  1. So happy to hear when someone “gets it”. You are correct in your interpretation and I can say this as I know him more than anyone. I raised him……V

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