Where Studying Only Makes You Understand Less

As it was once said by Bob Dylan, “you can’t be wise and in love at the same time”. A true enough statement, as many of us would agree that poor decisions have been made by almost anyone who’s ever found themselves smitten.

However, from the songwriter standpoint, you could look at the statement in another light. There are loads of great love songs that have been written over the years, but how often to we stop to actually consider whats being said? Behaviors described in many love songs (admittedly or otherwise) could be considered obsessive*, or at the very least unrealistic**. Thus, as the statement may imply, nobody is going to write a particularly wise love song. And really, why would they? Nobody wants “their song” that they founded their relationship on to be based on realism when it could based on romantic destiny. At their wedding, people want a song saying “we were made for each other”, not “we met, and things worked out”.

Reason for bringing this up, I’ve put something together while considering the stereotype of the unwise love song. What I’ve created, I’m not sure what I’d call it. I’ve entitled it “Love is Absurd”. It’s not an anti-love song*** , but it certainly isn’t overly optimistic on the topic. I suppose “observational” would be a good word to use to describe it, which is fitting to me and seemingly unfitting for the topic. I found myself recognizing the flaws in the topic, the common trends and mistakes of it, and admitted that I’ll probably keep making them. Thus, being the overly realistic (often to the point which others find me poor company) individual that I am, “absurd” seemed to be the most fitting word.

*see “8 Days a Week”, “God Only Knows”, “You Might Think”, etc….

**see “All You Need is Love”, “I’m a Believer”, “My Girl”, etc….

***see “Love Stinks”, “Love Hurts”, “F*** You”, etc…


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