Looking Ahead, One Eye at a Time

Sort of a bizarre contradiction that needs to be amended here: more going on leading to writing less about it. Its time to sit down and cover some exciting things in the near future, and make quick mention to a thing or two in the recent past. August has potential and I’m looking to make the best of it.

First, a big thanks to 90.5fm Erie, WERG’s radio show Fazed Cookies for having me on air this past week. Great show and a lot of fun to be on. Be sure to tune in if you have the chance, every Wednesday night from 9 to midnight.

Up ahead, we’re looking at three shows out of the realm of the ordinary, so get ready.

1. August 14, Buffalo Fest 2011. That’s buffalo as in the over-sized mammal, not the city. Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm in Edinboro, PA is putting on an all day event, complete with food, arts and crafts, buffalo petting, buffalo watching, buffalo learning, buffalo riding (ok, not entirely sure on that one, but fingers crossed! Dangerous nothing…), local vendors selling things (most likely buffalo related and otherwise), and all day music! That was the buffaloes’ idea. They dig good music.

2. August 25-27th, its Arts & Drafts time again! 3 evenings of music and art work all up and about at The Brewerie: Union Station in good old downtown Erie PA. I’ll be sure to post more about the music line-up when its gets closer, but trust me, its gonna be good. Food, beer, music, and art good. Which is the BEST kind of good.

3. August 27th, Dunkirk, NY has put together a show for their cultural district, and I’m on board. Out of town gigs (which I consider to be gigs that take more 30 minutes to get to) are always good experiences, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Dunkirk culture people have to offer. I could always use more culture.

Aside from these three big ones here, also making some regular appearances in the common spots. Erie open mics and Edinboro venues such as Eclectic Etceteras Coffee House and The Lake Resort have been keeping me in musical business through out the summer, and its always greatly appreciated. So I hope to see people out and about in the music world! Always lots of great times ahead, and the only thing that makes them even better is having good people to share them with (that means you, person reading this!).


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