I’ll Take One of Everything

Influenced by recent musical company, I’ve worked on writing something in a style I’ve found myself more and more drawn to as of late: Bluegrass. Most of the time my intention in writing a song is more in the message or feeling the song is conveying, not so much the style in which it falls under. Still, occasionally I’m interested in attempting something more genre specific, usually when attempting to write something significantly different than the majority of what I write. I attempted a blues song a while back, and while I’ve kept it, I don’t play it often. It feels rather empty playing it on my own. If I have actual blues players around, I would interested in bringing it up again and trying it in a more filled out performance.

Anyway, the bluegrass attempt feels more up my ally, closer to what I already do. I had the inspiration of giving a border-line comical feel, with a sort of “that’s the way it goes” story to it. It ended up being four verses of frustrating or stress inducing real life (and in some cases reoccurring) incidents. Fittingly, its been entitled “Bad Luck”.  It helps to have that “brush yourself off and try again” perspective, and writing this helped reclaim said perspective. We’ve all had bad luck, and we’ll all have again. No sense beating ourselves up over it.


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