Rough Cuts

Its time to admit it. I officially have too much time on my hands, being a “full time musician”. Thankfully, now that that’s out in the open, I find myself more dedicated to writing on a regular basis, posting more often for the website (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing), and began a project in which the subject of this post is about: what I call “Rough Cuts”.

Unearthing the dust collecting equipment I used years ago to put together the “Life’s Too Short to Worry” album, the desire to openly present more of my recent material has led me to make some home recordings of recent unrecorded songs. From there, I’ve set the songs up as youtube videos and posted them on my youtube video channel in hopes of getting some feedback. Furthermore, I find myself writing more and more songs with additional parts in mind. In hopes of collaborating with friends in the near future, you fellow musicians be sure to let me know if you think you can add pieces to the puzzle here.

The project title lives up to its name, as the quality of these recording is, to put it politely, VERY rough. However, they serve there purpose. The songs are out there in their purest and most unshaven form. You can check out the new stuff at my youtube channel.


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