And Back To First Gear

So while the summer was busy and exciting, things are now starting to slow down considerable in the musical doings. That’s not to say they won’t pick up and their won’t be things to write about, its just one thing at a time, right? So this is me kind of committing the cardinal sin of posting: posting that there’s nothing to post about.

Still, I can recap on what’s been done and get things straight about what’s to come. Like I said (and as you’ve seen if you’ve been keeping up or caring), the summer has been pleasantly productive. From some minor tri-state traveling, to completing my disc, to trading my disc for other awesome discs, and writing! Tons and tons of writing since I finished my disc. More than enough to put together another album if I wanted to, but it’s haphazard and there will be a lot more planning before I get anywhere near that step. But its been nice to give writers block the boot for a little while. On a whole, the two biggest thank yous of the summer go to Tom Hitt, for all his help, mentoring and friendship (he’s also paid for more of my drinks than I care to admit) and The Edinboro Lake Resort for giving me damn near a weekly paid gig over the summer. It’s been a great place to play and I thank them immensely for having me down so many times.

Now looking ahead, the writing might be writer’s blocked intentionally for a little while. I need to catch up with myself there and figure out what’s worth what. Not all of it is gold, obviously, and some of it I’m sure is hardly even bronze, if you follow me. The group production idea is still being considering, I’ve put a song or two to the test with some accompaniment and have some more in mind to do the same with. Also down the road, a new musical adventure is on the horizon. For those who don’t already know about, I’ll have more to say soon, but I’m not going into details now.

All and all, I’m at a transition period. I’ve amassed a good deal of resources over the summer, and as I bunker down for the winter, its up to me to make the best of this potential. And there’s a lot of it. Do it and do it right, I always say.


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