One of the suffering categories in my falling behind here would be discussing on going writing projects, or “songs” as they are so often referred to, attempted or otherwise. Since the last song I discussed on this site, I’ve actually completed quite a few, and through being distracted with other lovely nonsense and procrastination, I’ve not mention much of anything new. I went back and looked over what had been done in the time between now and my last post about a song and decided it would interesting (and significantly less time consuming) to address everything I’ve finished in the past few months with simply a brief synopsis of each of the songs.

Here it goes:

“Worse Times Then These” – Expressing the mentality of “things might be bad (on a personal level or larger scale), but you/we/I have survived worse, so this is manageable”. Sort of a somber optimism.

“Not a Good Man” – Fictitious story of a man who has acted morally right in life but is not at peace with himself. Revolves around the idea of action vs. intent.

“Looks Like This One’s Gonna Hurt” – Fictitious story of a man regretting and attempting to escape a relationship with a physically abusive woman. Attempting to be humorous.

“What’s in a Name” – Addressing someone who futilely attempts to run from their renown. Strikes out as warning and borderline accusatory.

“I Never Asked the World to Wait” –  A laid back though possibly frustrated confession to a world moving much faster than I care to.

“Dull Razors” – Exasperated reflection on monotonous observations tied in with worries regarding the revolution (don’t worry, this is me we’re talking about. It really not political at all).

“In the End” – Apologetic admittance to being hard to know. Fast paced and rueful.

So there you have it. For so brief a time, you are as up to date as you could be. Seriously, the last song I listed, “In the End”? I just finished that and said “hey, I should work on the website.” And here we are.

Obviously there’s more that could be said about all of these. Some have deep underlying messages while others just happened to fill the void, but lets not discuss that here. We’ll wait till after you’ve heard them. I already know what I think about them (for the most part), I’m more interested in what you think about them. I’ve been attempting to make more unheard stuff hear-able, adding more to the youtube channel and such.

Say, I should just make a link to the youtube channel on the side panel. Good thinking, Tommy.

But yes, you can visit the youtube channel right here. Plan to post again in a day or two, about the grand adventure. If you don’t already know anything about the grand adventure, stay tuned. You will soon enough.


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