The Grand Adventure

It’s really not a fitting name. I’m not going particularly far, and where I’m going I won’t be for long. I’m not entirely sure it would qualify as an adventure at all, let alone a grand one. But my goodness, does it feel good to refer to it that way. I described it as such all week. So I’m going to keep doing so.

In a few days I will be departing for new surroundings. I’ll be leaving Erie for about a month and spending time living in Pittsburgh. With a place to stay and a few leads on places I should look into, I have the opportunity to try my luck in a new musical environment.

I realize this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most, or at least not nearly as big of a deal as I seem to be making it out to be. It’s not like I’m going to another country, or some musical mecca like New York or Nashville or Austin or Portland, but it is quite a step for me. I’m really not much of a city person at all, and don’t spend much time traveling. Thus, for me and my sheltered little mindset, this is going to be exactly as I say it is: a grand adventure.

All in all, I’m just hoping to make the best of an interesting opportunity. I’ll be sure to post of any sort of interesting things are going on while I’m there. It should be very do-able, as last I heard, Pittsburgh does in fact have internet.

Wish me luck.


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