I Never Was Very Good At Juggling

I’ve decided to address a concern in my current musical process. I’m afraid I’ve slid far from one end of the spectrum to the other. It’s important for me to find a productive medium, so I’ll start by addressing the “problem”.

Through the summer, I spent most of my time with frequent shows and promoting the new CD. These things kept me busy (or at least, busier then usual), and slowed the writing of new material, which concerned me at the time. Thus,  as things slowed down near the end of summer, I made an effort to complete more songs and not let writing fall to the way side. The good news: It worked! The bad news: maybe a little to well.

As the summer activity dwindled into the fall, performing opportunities and priorities became different. When one has less places to play, one tends to move towards finding more places to play, which (if one likes to concern themselves with any sense of worthwhile distinction) is not always a speedy process. In making attempts to find more winter season locations, along with the currently ongoing Pittsburgh trip in order to broaden the playing field, so to speak, I’ve had quite a bit of down time in between making contacts and awaiting responses. And thanks to my push towards productivity in writing, I’ve managed to spend a great deal of that time doing just that. And now we come to the problem.

I currently have a great deal of songs, both finished and fragmented that I don’t know what to do with. Without a steady stream of shows, I’ve been unable to present them regularly to get a reasonable level of feedback, though the “rough cuts” production may have helped to a certain extent, and may well lead to an idea for a solution.

My intention is balance. I want to put down the pen for a little while, or at least pick it up less, so I can figure out what’s worth pursuing further in this convoluted… hang on.

*looks up “convoluted” to make sure it was used properly*

Yes, that’ll work… convoluted mess of writings. I’m in no position to produce a new album at the time being, but becoming more interested in the production of the songs that I consider to be more worthwhile, I’ve consider singles. And looking further into the use of online distribution of my music.

All in all, I obviously don’t want to stop writing all together, but if my attention is continually drawn from one song to the next, they’ll all just remain unfamiliar (to myself and audiences) and unpolished. Let’s see if I can’t level the scale here.


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