One Small Step

Getting a chance to start involving myself in the Pittsburgh music scene has been excellent. I’ve already began meeting some very supportive people, from outstanding musicians introducing me to the scene to some amazing new fans. The whole experience got thinking about the process of expanding as a performer.

What seems to be a common method among up and coming musicians is attempting to spread one’s name and music by creating self funded tours. I truly do commend those people, as the amount of work that goes into something like that must be staggering. The search for worthwhile venues, the traveling expenses, the traveling itself, the nights spent sleeping in vans and the back seats of cars… insanity! And while it does sound like a whole lot of fun, I’m not sure it would ever be for me.

A cross country music tour for a small time songwriter/band is bold, no two ways about it. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t see myself doing it. Spending a short time in so many different places gives you a chance to cover a lot of ground and get your name out to a lot of people, but is there any opportunity for it to stick? If I’m a musician going to a town where I have no following, what can I expect from playing one night for a few hours and then moving on?

This all leads back to my time spent in Pittsburgh. I don’t know if its the “right” or “better” way to go about things, but it feels much more fitting for me. I’ve found some people, found some places and tried to get established. And I’ve really enjoyed it. I hope the time I’ve put into the Pittsburgh scene will amount to something regular.

Metaphorically speaking (because I like metaphors), to me its like growing a garden. Sure, it would be great to take the seeds and throw them far and wide and watch everything you planted grow all over, but when you spread something so far that you can’t tend for it regularly, chances are it’s not going to grow into much. It makes more sense to me to stay within your reach and see how well you can grow something within your bounds, then expand more as you see what’s you’re capable of producing.

Anyway, that’s how I see it. Long story short, I’m glad to start growing some music in Pittsburgh, and I plan on continuing to do so. Here’s to it!


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