Someone Lit the Wick

Out of the wild blue, I find myself in an explosion of musical collaboration, which is really one of the best kinds of explosion to be in. My attempt to quell my writing frequency has failed. The songs keep coming, but with the opportunity of counter action, a few interesting groupings have begun forming.

By my own hand, I’ve decided to start working on what is currently a duo act. Guitarist Justin Anderson and I have begun working up a playlist of covers and originals under the current (though subject to change) title of “The Freewheelers”. Working with common ground of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and a variety of other oldie covers, we’re laying the foundation of what could become a larger operation. Everything’s still quite up in the air, but all very promising.

Secondly, spear headed by Tom Hitt, a songwriters collaboration has been suggested and founded. With the intention of turning songs of four local commonly found solo artists into group arrangements, I have been recruited into the gathering. The group consists of Tom Hitt, myself, Frank Marzano and Jerry “The Gaffer” Gaff.

I’m excited to see where both of these lead. It’s been far too long since I’ve seriously worked music with a group, and I’m optimistic towards what’s to come from both of these projects. Hopefully there’ll be something to show from both of them soon.


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