I Just Like Unwrapping Things

It seems that I’ve met (or just happened to discuss with) a decent amount of people who are not particularly fond of this time of year. For a variety of reasons, whether it’s family obligations, undesirable shopping ventures, the over abundance of materialism, the weather, whatever it might be, a decent amount of the company I keep is not exactly contagious with holiday cheer. I think there might have been a time in my youth where I’d be all “HEY EVERYONE STOP RUINING CHRISTMAS!”, because I’m all about it. But I don’t want to be that person. I mean, people are entitled to what times of year they enjoy. I’m sure vegans aren’t all that crazy about Thanksgiving. I personally don’t care for Halloween.

SO, instead, I’m just going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Just because I can’t make people enjoy the time of year doesn’t mean want people to have a bad day, or week, or whatever. If this time of year isn’t your thing, if you don’t celebrate any particular holiday and today has just been a day where a decent amount of businesses happened to be closed, I hope it was a good any other day for you.

Happy December 25th everyone! Whatever it might be for you!


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