COOL101.7 is… uh… Cool!

So I realize that I haven’t done a “Tip of the Hat” for quite some time, and there’s a handful of reasons for that. One is laziness, which I have lots of, regrettably. But aside from that, it was becoming quite difficult deciding who to write about, as so many people out there have been more than helpful to me and are absurdly talented, making them more than worthy of mention. So I’ve been laying off it to avoid making difficult choices.  While I don’t think I’ll start back the official once a month article, I do plan to throw out the occasional “thanks very much” article to people. Like right now.

A very special thank you to Jenna Wagner and The Backstage Pass! Meadville PA’s COOL101.7 put’s on a 3 hour show every other Thursday spotlighting local musicians. The Backstage Pass, as it titled, is hosted and run by Jenna Wagner, who turned over every rock she could find in search of local talent. Whenever there’s a large gathering of musicians, Jenna is there! Whenever there’s a worthwhile band or musician with doings in the area, Jenna is there! She’s very industrious.

Being on air this past week was a blast. I had a great time talking about the upcoming projects I’m working on and playing some newer songs on air. I appreciate the support of her, COOL101.7 and everyone that tune in. Thanks very much!

Published by Tommy Link

Tommy Link was born and raised in Erie PA. He began playing guitar at the age of 16, being taught by Claude Braudis at a local music store known as 'World of Music'. Two years later, he began attending Edinboro University of PA, where he started playing out at different local venues. He resides there today, and continues to play around Edinboro and Erie.

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