Strangers & Liars

It’s a vicious cycle, being busy with all these exciting developments that I want to sit down and write about but not having enough time to sit down and write about them, which in turn, probably leaves you thinking there are no exciting developments. Talk about counter productive. But as I catch my breath here, I’ll fill you in on something that’s coming together nicely: Strangers & Liars.

Since December I’ve been working with guitarist Justin Anderson. Well, I’ve been playing music with him casually since the summer, but as of December, we actually made a point of sitting down and collaborating. Shortly after that, we added bassist Russ Straub into the mix. Together, we’ve managed a pretty mean sound. We’re starting out working on turning a good number of songs from my solo album “Ready to Fall” into band songs, while also throwing in some unrecorded originals and a handful of covers (Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, stuff like that). We’ve made a few brief appearances, playing small open mic sets and opening a few shows for some local staples (Broke Boland, The Cosmonauts) and reached the conclusion: yes, this will work (as if there was any doubt).

Coming to said conclusion has of course expanded the agenda by a ten-fold: get shows, record songs, make set lists, get more shows, write more songs, record more songs, make music videos, get more shows, and so on. But it has been decided that the PRIMARY goal of the group will be as follows: we need a drummer. We had a brief taste of having Cosmonauts drummer Stan Zlotkowski sit on for two songs, and lord, talk about making all the difference in the world. It was really the best thing that could have happened. We all knew we needed a drummer, but having one sit in and getting a taste of what our songs COULD sound like if we had a drummer all the time… that’s lit a fire under us.

So keep an eye out for Strangers & Liars. Hopefully soon to be a full four man group. We don’t plan on dropping our standards in finding a drummer, but we need to make it happen. Soon.

…you! Reading this! Do you know any drummers? Are YOU a drummer!?


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