Good Times Gone Bad

After viewing a notably disheartening display of musical arrogance, I found myself in a writing mindset. It can be so frustrating watching the changes in our places of comfort. We strive so hard to find or create the kinds of places we want to be. Then once we finally have them, it becomes a matter of making the best of them for as long as they last, because most of the time, it won’t be forever. And once it starts falling apart, there’s little to be done to save it.

While the decline can sometimes be gradual, even graceful, you occasionally have to watch something blow up on it’s way down. It’s a means of adding insult to injury. To which I landed on the phrase “only made a bad thing worse”. Not the happiest song in the world, but still probably the best thing I’ve gotten out watching a musician take himself too seriously in public.


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