The Unknown Eulogy

Finished writing something new the other day called “The Man I Never Knew”. A young man who shared many mutual friends with me died last week. I never knew him, not the name or the face after seeing a picture of him. My condolences go out all those who did know him. It saddened me to hear about this, not just as every sad story about someone you don’t know ending in a tragic accident, but with something a little more to it.

When my mom’s mom died, it was very hard. Not because my Grandmother was gone, she was a kind woman and I loved her, but she lived rather far away, and I saw her once or twice a year at the most, so I didn’t know her all that well. I was sorry when she had gone, but that wasn’t what made it hard. What was hard was seeing my mother cope with it through the worst. I felt utterly helpless watching my mother, who I cared about more than just about anyone else in the world, suffering with her loss and me being able to do nothing to help. It’s a terrible feeling, not being able to help the people you care about.

Finding out about this friend of many of my friends that passed echoed that feeling of helplessness. I’m sorry for all those who have to cope with the loss, and I’m sorry I didn’t know him. The song goes to John College, the man I never knew, and all those who knew him.



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