Everything, Everywhere, All the Time

Well, things are rapidly picking up as this year’s summer season ebbs closer, so allow me to make a futile attempt to cover the grounds for an update.

Still writing when the chance occurs. I may or may not throw up some new rough cuts soon. While I do love sharing new songs, I’d hate to show all my cards so readily. The idea of preparing another new solo album is lingering in the back of my mind, but as of now, it’s a far off notion. I have a good deal else to juggle until then.

Strangers and Liars greatly enjoyed playing for Arts n Drafts. We intend on searching for some more upcoming gigs as readily as possible. In the near future, we are looking to be involved with a benefit show at Conneaut Lake Park closer to the end of April. There are also album plans for this group.  Keep an eye out!

Lost My Good Hat, the songwriters band including myself, Tom Hitt, Frank Marzano and Jerry Gaff, is still coming along as well. Local Artist Brian Toy has joined in with some animation work to go with some of the tracks we intend on recording, as well as for the future website.

Other than that, just excited to be getting busier for the summer. Some of my favorite seasonal venues will be opening up soon (like the Edinboro Lake Resort), I’m much more inclined to travel to play shows (like to The Erie Kai Tavern in Huron, Ohio) and there’s some great festivals and events lined up (like the Riverside Inn Music Festival). With any luck, I’ll have more to say about everything soon.


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