Tires and Time: Only Spare When You Don’t Need Them

It’s nice to have the summer schedule filling out. However, that downtime in between things leads to restlessness. It’s nice to have the break from busyness, but when there are things to be anticipated in the near future, it can be down right maddening.

Fortunately, the freedom has not been entirely unproductive. The pen has been moving and writing has been pleasantly frequent. New songs have been working themselves out, both in the category of band songs and for the acoustic performances. Such are as follows:

Sparked by the tagline “If you are not where you belong”, this attempts to convey a message with less to do with ones physical surroundings and more to do with being honest with yourself in doing what you want in life.

Morning on the Water
Inspired by current living arrangements, my front (and only) door looks out on a scenic little stream leading to a lake. This song was written sitting out in the morning, watching the water. Think “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by The Rascals feel.

There’s a third unnamed song as well that’s not yet finished, dealing with the term “love sickness”. I’ve always found it amusing in how little such a term usually has to do with love, but then how being hung up on someone can leave you in a pretty legitimate state of sickness.

So there you have. New songs to be sung (and written), the band work is moving along, and before you know it, I’ll too busy in the summer schedule to post things as opposed to the standard excuse of too lazy.

Bring on the summer!



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