The Songwriter Sunset

A new project that I’ve been very excited in formulating over the past months is coming to fruition. Combining one of my favorite events with one of my favorite venues has allowed me (with the help of some friends) to start what’s to be called The Songwriter Sunset.

Sunset as seen from the Edinboro Lake Resort.
Not shown (yet): Songwriters.

Over a year ago, Erie songwriter Dominick Dececco started what’s known as The Songwriter Showcase, an event where three local songwriters would be brought out to present their original music. Since it’s beginning, the weekly event has gained a strong following and has rotated among 50 some local songwriters. Now out in Edinboro, we plan to start another weekly night for songwriters. Starting this Thursday (June 7th), The Songwriter Sunset will take place from 7 to 9pm every Thursday at the Edinboro Lake Resort, hosted by yours truly.

This will actually be the third songwriter night to have been started, as a few months earlier, The Riverside Inn of Cambridge Springs began a Wednesday night songwriter night, spearheaded by Justin Moyar.

I’m very honored to be playing a part in the every growing promotion of local music and original songwriters, and am hoping for the very best in starting The Songwriter Sunset.


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