Podcast Pals

About a month ago or so, I was featured on a podcast run by some local philosophical bloggers who operate as Open Door Rapport.

The blog is run by Jim Coyne and Tom Shaefer, who search for a variety of different people in different walks of life to discuss… well, just about anything. Literature, orthodoxy, education, music,  film, success and just about everything else you could think of (with a guest relevant to each topic). The podcast they run is entitled “That’s What I Believe”.

As far as interviews go, this was one of most enjoyable I’ve experienced to date. With less playing music than expected and much more talking, it felt a lot less like an interview and much more like an excellent conversation. Jim and Tom were interesting, insightful and just flat out good company.

You can listen in to the podcast right here. Even if you don’t, be sure to check out Open Door Rapport. It’s really quite an extraordinary means of something as ordinary as a blog.


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