Short Notice Show

Accepting an invite from some dear musical friends, Strangers and Liars will be heading down to Clarion, PA this Saturday (August 4th) to Toby Hill Bar and Grill, where we will be opening Broke Boland and the Dirty Pickles!

(From left to right) bassist Digg-it Dave, frontman Broke Boland and drummer/banjoist Marky G. The Trifecta that is Broke Boland and the Dirty Pickles.

Strangers and Liars is very excited to be broadening our horizons, venturing from Northwest Pennsylvania all the way to Midwest Pennsylvania. It’s quite a step.
In all seriousness though, big thank you to Mr. Boland and our pickle pals for inviting us along. Nothing like booking a gig 72 hours in advance to keep you on your toes!



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