Two New Players, Two Less Strings

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to learn a secondary instrument. I’ve never been much for jamming, as the rhythm guitar/lead singer type has very little he can do other than be the center of attention. And while I enjoy being the center of attention quite often (find me a singer songwriter who doesn’t), I’ve had the desire to be able to back up other musician when I’m out of the limelight. So what’s the purpose of sharing this? Am I simply compelled to share my dreams and feelings with you? Of course not! This is a roundabout way of leading into an incredible introduction! Behold, The Vendettas!

(from left to right) Tommy Link, Phil Anderson, Russ Straub, Stephanie Hand, Erich Semelka, Stan Zlotkowski, Justin Anderson

Formed by some dear friends who once made up a stellar cover band known as Kristen and the Cosmonauts, the band reestablished it self recently with a slight change of line up. One of those slight changes would be a new bass player: me. I’ve been working on bass for only a few months now, but working with The Vendettas I’ve had an excellent opportunity to become a respectable player. And they’re patient with me.

With everything from Motown to Classic Rock, The Vendettas are all about rocking some legendary oldies. Be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for Erie’s next big cover band!



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