Success of the Songwriter Sunset

Tonight is the final night of The Songwriter Sunset, the weekly event I’ve hosted over the past 3 months. For the past 12 or so Thursday evenings, two songwriters have been invited out to share originals music with the audience and whichever songwriter they share the stage with. The results have been phenomenal.

Tonight, for the finale, all of those who played over the past few months were invited back and while not all of them could make it, the turn out is still more than impressive. So I would like to thank once more, all the songwriters that made this possible, both the ones attending tonight and those unable.

Dominick Decceco, Claire Stuczynski, Frank Marzano, Tony Kellogg, Matt Boland, Matt Texter, Keith Wilson, Jackie Clarke-Rodriguez, Tom Hitt, Jerry Gaff, Sean Dunn, Justin Moyar, Mike Rhodes, Seann Clark, Chris Hannigan, Lori Burke, Heather Devore and Jenny Morgan.

These songwriters are the people who have inspired me more and more to keep on doing what I do as a musicians over the past few years, that have made me want to become more involved in the music scene, and that have shared their incredible songs with the little world I operate in.

I would also like to thank the Edinboro Lake Resort for allowing us to hold this event at what is probably my favorite venue to play on any given day. They have openly and endlessly supported the local area music scene and singer songwriters, and for that I thank them.

I sincerely hope to continue this next summer, both with many familiar faces as well as some new ones. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

And thank as well to Digg-it Dave, champion graphic designer who put together our poster!

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