An Update Overdue

Being absolutely wrecked (in mostly all the right ways) by the busyness of the summer, this site has been deplorably unattended to. Deplorably, I say! So as we dive into fall, I’d like to take a moment to bring things up to speed for the sake of the steadfast viewers of this site (I know you’re out there, somewhere).

It’ll probably help remind me what I’m doing as well… and on that note…

Tommy Link (solo act/singer-songwriter)











There’s been a little less going on in the realm of the solo act, simply to make time for all the new and exciting things going on. Still, this is the foundation for all the rest, so it’s still as significant as ever. Playing shows here and there at all the regular spots (Edinboro Lake Resort, Eclectic Etcetera and Presque Isle Gallery Coffee Houses) is always a welcome routine. Further more, hosting my own songwriter night at the Edinboro Lake Resort has made for an extremely rewarding summer. I’m anxiously awaiting summer of 2013, thinking what can be done to make it bigger and better than the year before. Writing has taken a bit of a lull, though of course, new songs are always formulating. Whether I like it or not.

Strangers and Liars

Strangers and Liars

Tommy Link: lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist
Justin Anderson: lead guitarist, vocals
Russ Straub: bassist
Tom Hitt: drummer, vocals
The band has been operating at full force, pulling off 6 performances over the past 2 months, pushing to have a studio album completed by the end of the fall, and has been nominated for the local title of best rock band of the year for the Rock Erie Music Awards. Some big thank yous to the local bands who we’ve had the chance to open for, such as Shotgun Jubilee, Broke Boland and the Dirty Pickles and Falling Hollywood.

The Vendettas

The Vendettas

Stephanie Hand: lead singer
Justin Anderson: lead guitarist, vocals
Russ Straub: guitarist
Rayna Allanigue: saxophone, vocals
Tommy Link: bassist, vocals
Stan Zlotkowski: drummer, percussionist
Erich Semelka: drummer, percussionist
After making its debut back in August at the Hatchhollow Music Fest, the upcoming cover band working round the clock to have a full show’s set list primed and ready. It’s only a matter of time before this force of classic rock, mo-town and more is unleashed upon the public. A slight change in line up as Saxophonist Phil Anderson has relocated south, Rayna Allanigue has stepped to take over on horn. Be ready for something big.

Lost My Good Hat

Lost My Good Hat

Tom Hitt
Frank Marzano
Jerry Gaff
Tommy Link
This project began near the beginning of the year as a collaboration of 4 local songwriters getting together and playing each of their songs a collective group. Regrettably, due to time constraints, the group has disbanded. Still, the months spent working together will be remembered fondly, and there is little to no chance of not sharing and working with these songwriters down the road. Only so many hours in a day is all.

…and I suppose that about brings us up to speed. The pushes for productivity will remain through the upcoming months, and with any luck some really exciting things will get done. Hope you’re all willing to come along for the ride.


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