Stepping Down

In case you haven’t guessed from the absence of diligence towards keeping these posts up to date, things have been quite busy in the past few months. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it has had consequences. Certain focuses have started to slip and everything seems to be stretched a little to thin. I myself have been surprised with my ambition, but I know when I’ve bitten more than I can chew.

Between the solo work as a singer songwriter, Strangers and Liars, and playing bass in The Vendettas, there just hasn’t felt like there’s enough hours in a day (or maybe not enough days in a week). I’ve never been one to excel with being overly busy. Therefore, I have made the choice to step down from playing bass in The Vendettas.

It has been fun, not to mention an excellent opportunity to learn a new instrument and better myself as a musician. I’m very grateful for the band to have accepted my with open arms, and I am even more thankful that they understood my stepping down from this post. Mr. Graham Iam will be taking my place.

A musical jack of all trades, Graham Iam will be taking over bass for The Vendettas
A musical jack of all trades, Graham Iam will be taking over bass for The Vendettas

Now I didn’t wait to months just to post again about what I’m not going to be doing anymore. Keep an eye on things here, and I’ll let you know what new and exciting developments are in the works!


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