New Year, New Album

In the dwindling hours of the year, I come to announce the fruit of a great portion of our 2012 labors: Strangers and Liars will soon have completed our first album! “Five Seat Concert Hall” is coming to you soon!

Five Seat Concert Hall (Front Cover)
Brought to you by honest musical integrity and genuine procrastination.

A project that started many months ago, the album is on the doorstep of completion after many stop/go seasons of busyness, whirlwinds of activity and life’s curve balls. The album will consist of all original music, written, composed performed, played, modified, and played again a little differently by Strangers and Liars. We’ve been working with the esteemed Tavon Markov of Horizontal Studios for the bulk of it, while other hearty portions have been home grown at Cycling Troll Studios, operated by our very own drummer, Mr. Tom Hitt.

You can look forward to this 10 song album to be available not far into the new year, but for further excitement down the line, there will in fact be a CD release party! (Just a little awhile longer after it’s been released). The Crooked i here in Erie PA will be hosting us for our CD release, and FIRST headlining show at The Crooked i on March 1st. More details to come soon about both the album and the show. Keep a sharp eye on the lookout!


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