April 11th – 17th: Flying Solo

After a stellar CD release party at The Crooked i, we take a brief break from Strangers and Liars appearances. I will be making an appearance this Saturday at Hotel Conneaut, which I’ve already come to miss after my two week absence from it. I suppose after ten weeks or so of doing the same thing, it should feel a bit empty leaving that routine. So Saturday (April 13th) from 6:00pm to 8:30pm I’ll be playing down there.

Meanwhile, aside from public appearances, diligent work is underway on new songs, both with the band and on my own. I’ve managed a number of new songs in the past few weeks, and some have made it to the Strangers and Liars practice rounds. That being said, the band is also planning on some more recording sessions to avoid back logs of unrecorded material.

The weathers getting warmer and the calendar is filling up! One step at a time we’re moving from a productive spring into an eventful summer.


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