May 9th – 15th: The Edinboro Lake Resort

Are there things other than The Edinboro Lake Resort that are going to be talked about in this post? Yes. But when you have to wait 7 or so months of the year for something like this to come along, you get excited when it finally is here. The Edinboro Lake Resort is open! I even had the chance to play there already on short notice, performing this past Saturday (sorry for not informing you, but they literally asked the day before). Strangers and Liars will be playing there this Saturday (May 11th) from 7 to 9, so come on out!

The Edinboro Lake Resort also hosts The Songwriter Sunset, a Thursday night songwriter emceed by yours truly. After it’s smashing success in the summer of 2012, it’s back for a second season! The Songwriter Sunset kicks off Thursday May 16th.

Last week, I mentioned the Roots Music Report in my post, it’s relevance being that within its series of charts organized by genre, Strangers and Liars album debut on its rock chart at 8th! Excited to report that it’s moved up to 7 this week! To all those folks who might be spinning our disc out there, we thank you.

Finally, some neat footage. Strangers and Liars bassist Russ Straub put together a music video montage of some live performances over the past year of our song “Letters”. Some excellent work done by him. Check it!


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