June 6th – 12th: Doctor’s Orders

This weekend will be spent working with I suppose would be called an old-new band, as opposed to a new-old  band. They have been in existence for awhile, they’ve just been on hiatus and are now coming back. I feel like “new-old band” sounds like it has more to do with their age.

Anyway, Dr. Joe, a local funk-rock group has a show down in Cambridge Springs this Saturday (June 8th) and they’ve asked me to open for them. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a trip down to the Villa, where I used to frequent the WXCS open mic, so it will be nice to make the return trip.

In other weekly news, the songwriters for this weeks’ Songwriter Sunset will be Ernest Whaley and Frank Marzano. Or at least it will hopefully be them. The weather as of late has be argumentative, if not downright disagreeable, and tomorrow’s forecast currently looks questionable. The laments of having a lovely outdoor venue. If we have to reschedule, we shall, but until then, plan on a good time tomorrow night (June 6th) with Ernest and Frank. Show starts at 7!


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