June 13th – 19th: The War on Weather

Perhaps I was just spoiled by last year, it being a particularly dry and hot summer (a perfect combination for playing an outdoor venue), but man this rain we had through May and June is really starting to irk me.

We’ve already had to cancel and reschedule two Songwriter Sunsets this season, and if the rain keeps like it is, we’ll have to cancel a third. Fingers crossed that just isn’t the case. With any luck, our songwriters for this Thursday will be Fred Oakman, out of Meadville and Edinboro singer songwriter Frank Marzano.

I’ll be back at the Lake Resort on Friday (June 14th) as well, playing for a few hours that night. Then come Saturday night (15th) I’ll be over in Harborcreek, PA playing in the lounge of the Harborview Golf Course. So yeah, keeping busy this weekend. Hopefully it stays dry enough to have all this fun.


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