June 20th – 26th: The Man, The Myth, The Heartbreaker

This week is full of excitement. This week’s Songwriter Sunset (featuring Tony Kellogg and Sean Patrick) is supposed to have excellent weather, and with those two playing, it’s bound to be brilliant. Sadly, I myself will be unable to attend. My hosting responsibilities for the night will be passed on to the Godfather of Erie area songwriter nights: Dom DeCecco. So it’ll probably go better than it does when I run it.

… so go on… ask why I’m not going to be there… c’mon. I dare you.


...they dare you...
…they dare you…

Oh, what am I doing? Nothing, just going down to Pittsburgh to see one of my biggest musical idols play.
So yeah, in case you’re not picking up on my subtle inclinations here, I shall be venturing to Pittsburgh with intrepid guitarist and fellow Petty and Heartbreakers enthusiast Justin Anderson, where will be joined by William (brother) Link to see the show at Consol Engery Arena. Most exciting thing I’ve done since I saw Eddie Izzard live in New York City (did I tell you I saw Eddie Izzard live in New York City? And this was in the same year! Who am I!?).

Other than that, I’ll be at the Harbor View Grill (of Harbor Ridge Golf Course) on Saturday (June 22nd), playing some solo tunes. Fitting that we’ll be in Pittsburgh tomorrow, as other plans have been brewing concerning our affliation with the steel city. More on that next week!




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