June 27th – July 3rd: The Calm Before the (Strangers and Liars) Storm

Just get this out of the way: Tom Petty and Heartbreakers were phenomenal. World’s were rocked. Particularly, mine. Moving on.

You may have noticed a lack of activity from the Strangers and Liars world as of late. June ended up being a bit of a hiatus for us, with the band members off getting their own personal ducks in a row. But with all that behind us and sorted properly (our ducks are in such well organized rows it’s militaristic, it is!), it high time we got back out there! From now till the end of August, there are 7 Strangers and Liars performances on the books! Starting with (drum roll)… this Saturday in the Steel City!

Strangers and Liars will performing this Saturday at Howlers Coyote Cafe down in Pittsburgh PA, along side local acts Henry Bachorski and Modern Nature. The show starts at 9:00pm with a $5 cover. We’re pumped.

Meanwhile the solo stuff continues. Songwriter Sunset will (hopefully) have another installment this week (disagreeable weather be damned AGAIN). This Thursday’s (27th) songwriters will be Sean Clark and Mike Rhodes, a pair that performed together at one of last years SWSs, and chose to jam on stage together again. They’re a good pair to be sure, so here’s looking forward to that!


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