Oh Dear…

Gosh, it sure has been awhile since I updated the ol’ blog. I should check in on it and do some work. How long ago was my last… SEPTEMBER!?

See, this is why musicians can’t have nice things. Like blogs.

Well, it’s time to get back on the horse. Going from having all the time in the world over the summer to shuffling through the day to day dregs was not an easy transition. How can I expect anyone to have interest in what I do if I don’t even take the time to talk about it!? No more excuses, no more slacking off…. for a little while, at least.

Right then, updates. As expected, the fall-into-winter period has slowed Strangers and Liars things down, but all the gears are still turning. Not as publicly, but the behind the scenes is just as significant. Some new venues in the outlying areas (Edinboro, Mckean, Jamestown) have been discovered. We’ve also managed to get some songs on an original music radio show hosted by FOX 107.5 out of Ashtabula, Ohio! They’ve asked us down for an interview in the near future.

Strangers and Liars to invade Ashtabula Airwaves!
Strangers and Liars to invade Ashtabula Airwaves!


The occasional winter gig will certainly be happening (Crossroads Dinor, Edinboro PA, December 28th, nine to midnight. Be there!), however, most of the man power is focusing on the new album.

Oh, did I mention we’re working on a new album? I guess it’s been in progress since the last one came out, so it’s not really new news or anything, but the fact that it is starting to take shape, that’s what’s new and exciting. Look for more on that in the upcoming months, with a pending release date in early 2014.

In other news, songwriting has also slowed, but it’s still there. Like anything else, it comes and goes in spurts. I’ve been revisiting some older material, with the intention of revamping what’s salvageable. After being spoiled from having a standing weekly gig last winter, I intend to look for a regular solo gig in the area. I’m just not sure where.

We’ll be in touch though folks. I promise.


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