Dec. 15th – 21st: Fasten Your Snow Belts

I don’t know about the rest of the states, but the snow means business here in PA. Careful on them roads.

So as mentioned last week, ‘Strangers and Liars’ was featured on North Coast Lix, a radio show featured on 107.5FM THE FOX based out of Ashtabula, OH. We had an excellent interview with Cody Slaybaugh, as well as the opportunity to unveil two early tracks from the new album in progress. Thank you again to Cody and the folks at THE FOX for having us down.

Saturday the 21st I’ll be playing solo at the King’s Rook Club in Erie. Other than that, it’s a quiet week for me in Erie, giving me a chance to finish Christmas shopping. And there’s some big Strangers and Liars show to prepare for of course. Including but not limited to a NEW YEARS EVE PARTY FEATURING STRANGERS AND LIARS, POTWHOLE AND SCARLET LEDBETTER (the previous section was in all capitals in order to 1. get your attention, 2. pique your interest and 3. create the image of me shouting needlessly)! Yes, we’re out to make the King’s Rook the happening place to be. So keep on tuning in (figure of speech), and you’ll keep hearing more. Drive safe!


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